m2au officem2au studio

Creative cluster
m2au [mɲaʊ̯]

m2au [mɲaʊ̯] - is a creative cluster of architects based in Brno, Czech republic.

The studio was established on successes in public international competitions such as a Surgical Center of the University Hospital Hradec Králové or headquarters of National Cyber and Information Security Agency in Brno.

MNAU works for both municipal and private investors and enjoys cooperating with other offices (KCAP, MVSA Architects, de Architekten Cie., LOLA Landscape Architects) and professions to find optimal contemporary solutions.

MNAU believes that a multi-layered urban context, complex program and high technological demands are key components in achieving unique, but at the same time rational architecture.

The office is regularly ranked among the TOP 100 Czech architectural studios by ARCHITECT+ magazine.