The public space of the Church of the Holy Spirit

18 650 m2
competition proposal, 1st prize


David Helešic, Filip Musálek, Linda Obršálová, Eliška Horáčková, Marie Poláková, Eliška Šimková

The area is situated on a belt of public spaces and buildings in the heart of the residential development of Ostrava - Zábřeh, on the green link between the Bělský Forest and the blind arm of the Oder River.

The representative space of the entrance to the church closes the visual axis and is also perceived as one with the front area of the Luna cinema. The spiritual and secular buildings, each on one side of the square, define a public space crossed by Výškovická Street. The resulting space will create a respectful background for the everyday life and formal and informal activities of the local community.

The resulting space is dominated by a shallow water area with a misting pool, which reflects the image of the church, and a community table. A tree line to the north and a group of trees to the south frame the space and bring shade in the summer months. The more formal church forecourt is followed by an informal park with a children's and parkour playground and a summer cinema. Necessary on-site parking spaces are retained and landscaped in conjunction with the blue-green infrastructure.

The main motif of the design is the unique furnishings. The shape of the furnishings is inspired by the mass of the church itself. The mass of pierced holes through which light penetrates into the interior of the church is placed around the church to create seating and playground elements. Their colour responds to the opposite side of the square, and in the future a participatory approach is proposed to involve the local community in their artistic design.