Revitalization of Stéphanie's Park

11 950 m2
2018- 2023


Linda Obršálová, Václav Mihola, Kateřina Miholová, Václav Babka, Tomáš Babka

The park is located southwest of the historical centre of the old town of Prachatice. The area includes a historical park on the site of the former fortification (a town conservation area) and a steep hillside rising towards the wider city.

The original enclosed garden was located on the outskirts of the old town. The conversion of the garden into a city park has changed the natural walking routes and programme.

The ambition of the revitalisation is to create a high quality park that relates to the historic character as well as being accessible and attractive to today's citizens.

By simplifying the path network, the green space has been significantly increased without reducing the use of the park. New qualities and programmatic elements have been added to the park- a sun terrace, a lookout over the park to the old town, incorporation of the existing gazebo into the park.

(photos by MORGUNNart)