6 130 m2
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Linda Obršálová, Norbert Obršál, David Helešic, Silvia Pajerová, Eliška Horáčková, Jakub Stýblo, Petra Šoborová

Plaza in front of the Tatra Technical Museum in Kopřivnice

The proposal of the plaza in front of the museum unites the existing, unfunctional space into a representative, functional and well-arranged one.

The main challenge was to re-evaluate the importance and condition of the dominant feature of the plaza – Slovenská Strela train which has occupied the space for a long time.

We have decided to replace this sheltered lonesome platform fragment with a new structure consisting of five circles, each filled with one of the letters which are visible on the Tatra logo. While pivoting, these five circles act as interactive benches.

Together, the designed circles act as spatially transforming elements – icon which stands in the shadow of surrounding trees.

Within the city of Kopřivnice, the proposal clearly identifies the entrance to the Technical Museum while at the same time highlights the entrance space to the city centre. The material and spatial solution are based on the revitalization of the city centre itself.