Rohan Island

560 000 m2
2nd prize, international competitive dialogue


LOLA Landscape Architects & M2AU & de Architekten Cie. & Deltares

M2AU : Linda Obršálová, Filip Musálek, Silvia Pajerová, Filip Sovíček, Eliška Horáčková, Markéta Marie Elbel

LOLA Landscape Architects : Peter Veenstra, Artur Boreiszo, Jie Wang, Nerea Febré Diciena, Roberto Coccia, Simon Verbeeck, Sara Ingignoli

de Architekten Cie. : Branimir Medić, Igor Sladoljev, Reinis Pakulis

Deltares: Frans Klijn

Vizualizace: Dotviz

Maniny Park and Rohan and Libeň Island Concept plan

The primary goal of the design is to create a resilient floodplain, that lays out a basic structure that can serve the city for centuries to come, by mitigating flood risks and providing ecosystem services. The design is fully adjusted to the various flood risk levels.

Maniny Park has been designed to function as core habitat within the river ecosystem serving as a catalyst to kickstart high natural values. For fauna it includes fish spawning areas and bird sanctuaries that are only accessible for people parts of the year. Some parts are permanently inaccessible to humans, and fully devoted to animal and plant life. 

The design is proposed as a careful transformation of the existing situation; it is an iterative process in which social structures, natural values and the physical reality are optimized for future use and climate conditions, while keeping the beauty and excitement the site has today. Existing meadows, trees, gardens and river edges are kept in the final layout of the park. The post-industrial areas that have developed a rich ecology over time are being retained as concrete jungles.

Maniny Park is promoting a healthy lifestyle and healthy ageing, by integrating of active leisure and sports into the natural environment. Along the bike promenade there is a series of sports features that can generate an infectious sporting atmosphere. On the island the atmosphere is more calm, and sports and activity is imagined  to be more individual on a daily basis, while the central lawn offers space for organized sportive events. The nature offers space for climbing, swimming and trail running.

The identity of the park is created by topography and the natural vegetation. These qualities are timeless, and are likely to still be appreciated in 50 to 100 years.