Forecourt of the House of Arts and Koliště Park

21 300 m2
competition proposal, 1st prize


Linda Obršálová, Filip Musálek, Eliška Horáčková, Marie Poláková, Eliška Šimková

The design follows the historical, spatial and compositional essence of the significant urban parks of the green belt of the Brno ring road. The House of Art, located in this green belt, is seen as a unique cultural public building, which is part of both, the green park and the paved Malinovský Square.

The proposal is a rational and economical continuation of the compositional relationships and principles that are already established on the site. The pedestrian links develops the North Park Promenade and facilitates movement between the inner and outer parts of the city. At its centre, it gives prominence to existing landmarks as well as new elements - a music pavilion and a mobile staircase.

The ambition of the design is to create a high quality and safe public space that meets the expectations of cultural and social events of the House of Arts as well as those of everyday life.