Community house

2324 m2
competition proposal, 2nd prize


The assignment was to evaluate the potential of an existing cinema building and modernize it while adding new suitable operations for the people of Horažďovice. The redesign of the surrounding public space was also a subject of the assignment.

The building is located in a site of historical importance near the Red Gate, which connects the site with the main square.

We propose to preserve the building with a large original cinema hall and continue to develop the spatial plan of the area from 1972 (renovation and construction of the cinema). The large cinema hall is complemented by a single-storey urban mass, which is opened up to the street, and a quiet atrium space within its center. There is a library, bistro/café, clubhouse, children's playground, commercial area, and a public toilet. It is possible to physically connect the large hall with the atrium or the new clubhouse when needed. During summer, an outdoor cinema can take place in the atrium space.

The library is designed in accordance with current trends following modern libraries' standards. One can easily orientate themselves in the space thanks to the implementation of low and mobile library shelves, which can be moved throughout the premises and rearranged when necessary. An airy space that is visually and physically connected to the atrium will also be created. The atrium can serve as a summer reading room and the space itself is closely connected with a café which together with the large and small halls create a possibility of holding a large number of different events, e.g. public readings, workshops and lectures throughout any hour of the day.