Municipal library
Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

1 494 m2
competition proposal, honourable mention


Our proposal was based on the operational programme of a library, thus the designed shape and form of the building is a direct result of the interpretation of its function. There are two public centers included in our proposal, one is situated in a literary café space, the second in a lecture hall, both of which are connected via the library operational space itself. One of the centers was slightly shifted due to the spatial concept, resulting in the creation of a quiet and protected patio which is wrapped by the main library space filled with books, embodying a path with clear a beginning and end. The public space areas are oriented towards the streets, forming attraction points for passers-by as potential visitors, while preventing street level noise from coming inside the library. These areas are followed by quiet pavilions with intimate reading rooms which are opened up towards introverted atria. The spaces within the building were designed with adults, youngsters and children in mind. The austere expression of the building which can be experienced outside, contrasts with the interior, where the bookshelves form a functional representation of walls, while their endlessness divides the interior spaces, creating unexpected compositions full of unaffected stories.