park Těšnov

96 500 m2
study, client The Prague Institute of Planning and Development


LOLA Landscape Architects & M2AU & de Architekten Cie.

M2AU : Linda Obršálová, Filip Musálek, David Helešic, Eliška Horáčková, Marie Poláková
LOLA Landscape Architects : Peter Veenstra, Artur Boreiszo, Jie Wang, Nerea Febré Diciena, Roberto Coccia, Nasim Sadeghpour

de Architekten Cie. : Branimir Medić, Igor Sladoljev, Stefano Lombardi

Experti : Ondřej Kvaček, Peter Broght

Vizualizace: Dotviz

The purpose of “The Conceptual Architectural and Landscape study of the Park of Tesnov and the North-South Arterial Road”, is to set ambition and direction for the transformation in the form of a complete and holistic document that touches on every aspect of the site in the context of the Těšnov area, leading to improving the quality of public space in the very heart of the city.

By converting the Magistrala into an extra-large roundabout, the city gains a spectacular park space that is uninterrupted by car traffic. The footprint of a substantial piece of the Baroque curtain walls can be revealed here, and its foundations will be exposed. A large water retention basin is constructed on the site of the former moats. Generous pedestrian zones are guided by a thick canopy of trees, providing a quality similar to that of the Ringstrasse in Vienna fitting with Prague’s ambitions from over a century ago as well as the modern-day form of the city’s cultural mile. Public transport is seamlessly integrated, whereby the interchange between metro, bus, and tram lines is fixed. The City of Prague Museum is mirrored on the north side by the newly built Archeology Museum of Prague.

This work’s outcome will serve as a starting point for further discussion and elaboration. Wider consultation, a professional debate, and public involvement should lead to a shared ambition and vision, and a plan in which economic, ecological, social, and sustainable factors are brought together in a beautiful way, to capture the heart of all.