Revitalization of the Jandus Brothers Square

14 230 m2
competition proposal, 1st prize


Linda Obršálová, Filip Musálek, Silvia Pajerová, Ondřej Kvaček, Daniel Struhařík

One square - three different atmospheres

The historic center of city is naturally divided by the river Říčanka into three parts with different character. We develop the character of these three diverse places with conceptual, material and landscape solutions.

The aim is to simplify and minimize traffic, strengthen pedestrians, maximize usability, establish compositional links and the relationship between historical and contemporary, and landscaping accompanied by blue-green infrastructure.

The central public space in front of the school and the church is enlarged by changing the geometry and position of the main street. We move the sculpture into the focus of compositional views and thus become an "old-new" dominant.

The central area is followed by a quiet place by the river, under the trees, which is newly connected to the organism of the square.

The last part is a landscaped playground.