General Financial Directorate

5 100 m2
competition proposal, 2nd prize


Daniel Struhařík, Miroslav Malý, David Helešic, Norbert Obršál, Natálie Ivkovičová, Ondřej Macháč, Oskar Madro, Pavla Nesvadbíková, Lukáš Vohralík, Jiří Vraj, Lýdie Šušlíková, Petr Suchánek

The concept of GFD Příkop building follows the standard of a contemporary office building type and a modern state administration scheme at the same time. This courtyard building naturally supports the positive densification of the city while taking advantage of its location within the centre – good transport infrastructure, short walking distances, a wide range of services in the area.

As a new solitaire building located within the courtyard like enclosure, it provides a high-quality working environment on all floors, meeting strict hygienic requirements for office space illumination.

The remaining Tax Office building creates a decent entrance space for both buildings through a mutual reception desk. The entrance area is simplified and freed of any undesirable forms or items, making the process of orientation within the building way easier.

The physical connection between the buildings is secured via tract formed by a multifunctional space, which brings a new quality and point of interest into the area. The tract can be used as a large meeting room for up to 120 people while allowing to have a separate entrance to the new building, or by linking the space together, the tract is able to become an extended lobby directly connected to the reception desk and a dining room on the first floor of the existing building.

The conference room is closely connected with the mature greenery of the courtyard, creating a relaxing and desirable area for visitors and employees of GFD Příkop.

The flexibility of the building is ensured by the use of a reinforced concrete framework. The interior partition walls dividing the offices are not load-bearing, thus easily removable if necessary.

The mass of the building was determined by the scale of a wider surrounding urban block. As a result, a seven-story open building is conceived. The concept calling for high standard office environment was emphasised within both, individual office rooms and shared office space situated in the central tract.

Large scale glazing enables good conditions for illumination of the spaces while allowing for natural ventilation as well.