Daniel Struhařík

Born in Brno, studied at the Faculty of Architecture in Brno, where he became laureate of the Bohuslav Fuchs Award, three times in a row. He has worked with architects like Aleš Burian and Pavel Jura and at the internationally known Studio Acht. He also currently collaborates as an external lecturer at MSA Münster School of Architecture in Germany (Stegreif) and is working on his dissertation under the supervision of prof. Vladimír Šlapeta. Daniel publishes articles and participates in international conferences. He has been an active Boy scout since he was seven years old, therefore, he is currently preparing himself for an instructor exam at Junák.

In his opinion, architecture should not be a boring and inauthentic imitation of its past, but on the contrary, architecture should thrive on the contemporary knowledge of the past.